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            Brief Description of the construction Project
            Release time:2020-10-28

            I. Brief Description of the construction Project:

            Project name: Medical functional polyethylene glycol product project of Jilin Jinpege Pharmaceutical Co., LTD

            Nature of construction: new

            Construction unit: Jilin Province Jinpaige Pharmaceutical Co., LTD

            Construction location: High-tech Industrial Park, Dunhua City

            Total project investment: RMB 180 million

            Engineering content: production of functional polyethylene glycol (UPEG).

            Second, the proposed governance measures

            Wastewater: according to the nature of wastewater need not, this project adopts the way of sewage disposal, wastewater were discharged into the factory self-built sewage treatment station, process waste water, such as high concentration wastewater pretreatment first, and then, initial rainwater and sewage concentration in wastewater treatment to enterprises together with other dunhua sewage treatment plant after the agreed water indicators, with clean water to enter the dunhua sewage treatment plant for processing through sewage pipe network, with the back into the mudanjiang.

            Waste gas: After the project is put into operation, the new waste gas is mainly process waste gas, odorous gas of sewage treatment station, boiler smoke and lampblack of canteen. The process waste gas is intended to be absorbed/condensed + activated carbon adsorption +25m high exhaust cylinder for discharge. The odorous waste gas of sewage treatment station is treated by scrubber tower and biological filter tank and discharged by 15m high exhaust cylinder; The flue gas from the boiler is directly discharged through a 15m high exhaust cylinder. The lampblack in the canteen is treated by purifying measures and discharged into the atmosphere through separate flue.

            Noise: first, select the same type equipment with low noise level and advanced technology, install sound absorbing materials, do vibration reduction and noise elimination processing, according to the noise source situation reasonable layout.

            Solid waste: The solid waste of this project includes general waste and hazardous waste. The domestic waste of general waste is regularly transported to the municipal landfill site, and the catering waste is entrusted to be disposed of by a qualified unit; The outer packing wastes are sold to the waste recycling station for treatment; The hazardous waste includes high concentration waste liquid, waste residue of extraction, waste activated carbon, waste oil, waste packaging barrels and internal packaging, which shall be entrusted to a qualified unit for disposal.

            Three: the main points of the environmental impact assessment conclusions put forward in the environmental impact statement

            This project is in line with the national industrial policy and the overall plan of Dunhua City. The environmental problems existing in the operation period of this project, under the premise of comprehensively and strictly implementing the pollution prevention measures mentioned in this report and running normally, all kinds of pollutants can reach the standard of discharge and be accepted by the existing environment. Therefore, from the perspective of environmental protection, the construction of this project is feasible.

            The scope and main issues for soliciting public opinion

            (1) How much do you know about this project? (2) What do you think are the main socio-economic impacts of this project? (3) What environmental issues are you most concerned about in this project? (4) What do you think of the current environmental situation in this area? (5) To what extent do you think the project will affect the local environment after completion? (6) Which factor do you think will have the greatest impact on the location after the completion of the project? (7) Your opinions on the construction of this project.



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            Copyright:Jilin jinpaige Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
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