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          2. Company Profile

            Jilin Province Jinpaige Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established on March 12, 2018. The company is located in the Industrial Zone of Dunhua City Economic Development Zone, Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, Jilin Province. It is specialized in the research and development of raw materials and derivatives of polyethylene glycol. Production technology company and drug R&D and production company are also wholly-owned subsidiaries of Changchun GeneScience Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. The company plans to cover an area of 280,000 square meters. In accordance with GMP standards, it has established a large-scale, first-class facility, complete supporting, and fully functional preparation product production workshop. At the same time, it has also established a domestic first-class preparation product and preparation drug research and development center and modern product inspection , Testing Center, with a platform integrating R&D, quality testing and control,

                    Jinpaige Pharmaceutical currently has two main projects. Phase I PEG project: our company can produce PEG molecular weight: currently it mainly concentrates on 20,000Da and 40,000Da. The company produces PEG modifiers. The types are: linear, one functional group, Two linear functional groups and branched (2, 4, 8, 16) arms can be produced by our company and can be customized according to customer needs.

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